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Monday, 10/13/08:

Chance is the best cuddler and wants nothing more than to have your undivided attention. He is very gentle. He loves to work his rope tug and play chase. He has gained the use of his back legs and is now able to run. His right rear leg is almost normal. His left leg hasn't made as much progress but that doesn't slow him down.

Chance is a very special boy who needs a special home with someone who understands his physical limitations and can give him the time, care and love that he deserves.

He is approximately six months old now and is one remarkable puppy who will bring one lucky family a lot of joy.

For more information on Chance, please email Greg at bulldogger72@yahoo.com or Jessica at mastiffsj@yahoo.com.


Chance was found by a couple in Chattanooga, actually he was found by their dog...the family dog alerted them to something on the property, and when the husband climbed down the 15 ft drop off, he found Chance.

Chance is approximately ten weeks old and has a rare developmental problem.

I met Chance today and he is such a lover-you would never know he isn't normal by his attitude. He does his best to scoot around, he plays, nibbles and gives puppy kisses galore.


Chance was examined by Dr. Troy Bearden of Shallowford Animal Hospital today.

Per Dr. Bearden's exam-

Chance has hyperextension of his stifles and hocks. His patellas are in place, therefore, the cause of this is not related to patella deformity. Chance also has bilateral carpal hyperextension causing him to walk on his carpal pads.

Chance has decrease proprioception to his rear legs. Chances pain response to toe-pinch in his rear legs was very depressed to almost absent. There was some withdrawal mostly due to reflex response.

Chance is settled into his foster home as of today, and will get the time and care he needs until he is ready for adoption.


Chance was examined yesterday by the orthopedic specialist. According to the specialist, at this time he does not recommend surgery- there is no one surgery to correct all the problems Chance has. He explained Chance's joints as being near "rubbery" and that instead of bending one direction only to a certain extent, his joints go way past that bending point, and in the opposite direction.

He reccommends we give Chance time, lots of good nutrition, therapy and exercise. Chance's foster dad is going to make a cart for Chance to get around in, it will allow him to hold his back legs up. Chance will do swimming/water therapy and the specialist wants him walking on a treadmill, suspended so that he can work at his own pace and get try to get used to using his back legs.

Today Chance was seen using his back legs when he used the bathroom, he actually propped himself up on them so we are hoping and praying that with the work and time, he will regain the strenght he needs to use them.

Chance is thriving in his foster care, and will received the therapy, care, and love he needs. Once he is ready, he will be available for adoption.

Summary from Dr. Bohling today on Chance's exam done Friday-

Written by Dr. Bohling-

On June 20, 2008 Chance was see for evaluation of gait and conformational abnormalities consisting of hyperextisibility of the hock, stifle, and carpi. My orthopedic examination concurred with Dr. Bearden's and I did dot find any additional abnormalities worthy of note.

Inspection of the radiographs did not reveal cause for the abnormalities, not did I find any surgical condition to treat. I suspect that Chance may be suffering from a collagen defect causing lax ligaments and tendons, or perhaps some other congenital defect.

I did not give the owners (foster) an overly rosy prognosis, but I did tell them that some pups may improve with time. The owners (foster) are very eager to try everything they can, and already have some good ideas regarding physical therapy, so I encouraged them to give it a try for a while and see how it goes.

Mark Boling, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Assistant Professor of Surgery
The University of TN
College of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Knoxville, TN 37966-4544

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