Thursday, November 6, 2008

Luv-a-Bully March sets new record!

Subject: Luv-a-Bully March sets new record!To: mastiffsj@yahoo.comDate: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 7:46 AM

GREAT TURN OUT for Second Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day!

On October 25th we celebrated our 4th Annual Luv-a-Bully March, protesting breed discrimination as part of the Second Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day. On this day, 39 states participated in cities from Alabama to Wisconsin. In our Southern California city of Brea, it was an unusually hot day for October, but that didn't deter our 125 protestors marching side by side with their canine companions. All breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, were there to support their bully buddies! Our Kiss-a-Bull booth was a smashing hit, with kids and adults who lined up to hand over a dollar and then had to walk away as our volunteer bully licked them to the point of laughter!

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On a more serious note, Farmers Insurance Company attended at the invitation of Dr. Paula Terifaj DVM to announce that in California, Farmers is only one of two insurance companies surveyed that does NOT discriminate against dog owners. To find out more about breed discrimination by insurance companies, read the tragic story of Tanner: Mercury Insurance Signs Death Warrant on Family Dog._______________________________________________________________

Message From Jodi Pries, Founder of Bless the Bullys

Thank you for making Pit Bull Awareness Day (PBAD) a huge success -- it certainly could not be done without all your hard work and efforts!! I hope that PBAD will become a tradition for you, and that you will celebrate this incredible breed every year until breed discrimination is a thing of the past.
Working together to change public perception, IT CAN BE DONE! FYI: In September, the traffic to the website doubled. However, during the entire month of October -- up until PBAD -- the website averaged close to 2,000 hits EVERY DAY!!
That's A LOT of exposure for your event! Sign-up NOW.

Mark your calendar Third Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day October 24th, 2009
Forrest & Kane: Update on Denver Survivors

As you know, both dogs were safely transported out of Denver after a grand stand battle by their owners (the McGahey and Martinez familes) and ferocious watch dog Rovers on Dog Duty! Both Forrest and Kane are now living large in California with Rover Chef David and his pit mix Daze -- collectively known as Team Pit-A-Full.

Watch Chef David share his amazing road trip and journey to Colorado:
Adopt a Denver Pen Pal

Elected city officials in favor of breed bans need a reality check! Start a friendly ongoing relationship with your city representatives. See what Denver residents are doing -- and share in this creative endeavor. You can Adopt a Denver Pen Pal too!

Top Denver Dog Magazine Wants Repeal of Breed Ban!

Tell the publisher of the American Dog Magazine, Jamie Downey, to send a copy of the Jan 09 issue to city officials in Denver, CO. The upcoming winter issue will be on newsstands nationwide Jan 1st thru Apr 1st, 09. The winter issue will include an article written by Dr. Paula Terifaj DVM on the dangers of Denver's breed ban. The magazine will be sent to Mayor Hickenlooper, all twelve city council members, Doug Kelley, the Director of Animal Control, and city attorneys. This fine magazine supports many animal welfare issues and offers excellent articles on dog health care. It's a win-win for dog lovers and the fight against unfair breed discrimination. Let's team up! Buy a one year subscription and the publisher will send copies to all Denver city offficals NOW

Councilman from Monroe, WA Needs Our Support

My name is Mitch Ruth and I am a Councilman for the City of Monroe, WA. I need your help in rallying those who may be in opposition to breed specific laws. Currently before the City Council of Monroe is a new ordinance which would list the following breeds as "Potentially Dangerous": · Akita · American Pit Bull Terrier · Cane Corso · Dogo Argentino · Dogue de Bordeaux · Kuvasz · Pit Bull Terrier · Presa Carnario · Staffordshire Bull Terrier · Tosa Inu (Or, any mix of dog which contains any of the aforementioned breeds.) I will ensure that each and every email becomes a part of the public record/testimony against the passage of this law. Emails may be either addressed directly to me at mruth@ci.monroe.wa or to the entire council at councilmembers@ci.monroe.wa. I would suggest that any comments on this matter be addressed to the entire council.My sincere thanks,Mitch Ruth CouncilmanCity of Monroe, WA SEND MITCH A WARM WELCOME AND THANK YOU!

Mission: Spend No Dollars in Denver

We are climbing to 4,000 signatures -- like a choo choo train -- we need rapid transport! It's not just a Boycott -- it's a WARNING to dog owners! Did you know that people with bullies had plans to move or visit Denver and were clueless?
Read the comments. The story of Forrest has prevented untold suffering from countless "would be" Denver residents and visitors.

Nov 2, 2008, Kate Cross, ArizonaI am a 26 year old, well educated professional adult. I have no children; however, my two Pit Bulls are children to me. My life aside from my career revolves around them. In previous years I traveled through Denver and often vacationed in the area on my way to Kansas, unaware of your area's pit bull legislation. I will be changing my travel plans this year and years to come to protect my "babies" as we vacation. It sickens me to think about what this bill does to responsible pet owners. It brings tears to my eyes to think of what pet owners must endure in your area. To most families pets are key members, consider having a family member taken from you in a similar fashion. This kind of tragic loss would be worse than any other.Let's get to our goal of 10,000 signatures by the end of this year (Dec 31,2008) and I dare to make you this promise: Yours truly will hand deliver this petition to Mayor Hickenlooper.Now, show me what you've got, Rovers!
"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." -- Benjamin Franklin General Packleader

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