Thursday, December 4, 2008

107 neglected dogs found; man arrested

NEWKIRK - The Kay County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous call Monday night alerting them to what the caller believed to be 100 starving Pit Bull dogs in the 7500 block of East Dry Road, seven miles west of Newkirk.

When deputies arrived, they found 96 dogs chained to axles that were placed just far enough apart to keep the dogs from one another.

One dog was found dead on his chain, leaving 95 dogs in desperate need of food, shelter and attention. That number has since been raised to 107 by law enforcement officials.

Wednesday night, a search warrant was issued on the house and nine more pups were found.

According to sheriff's deputies, it appeared that the dogs had been chained up so long that some of them had dug grooves, some nearly a foot deep, in complete circles around the axles.

Many of the dogs were kept on three-foot chains.

Kay County Undersheriff Steve Kelley said authorities arrested 32-year-old Jerry Southern, Wichita, and transported him to the Kay County Detention Center in Newkirk.

Kelley said Southern had been arrested and convicted for animal cruelty in Kansas and was not allowed to own a Pit Bull in that state.

Authorities said they believe he chose to move his operation to Kay County.

Veterinarian Seletha Sanders, DVM, owner of Westside Animal Clinic in Newkirk, and an assistant donated their time Wednesday to check the status of the animals.

Each dog was graded on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst condition.

Only one of the Pit Bulls received a 3, and it was a dog chained just outside the metal barn that also contained Pit Bulls.

Sanders said a couple of the dogs were graded a 2, but most were graded a 1, a half or a quarter.

Southern told Kelley some of the dogs in the barn belonged to a friend. According to Kelley, Southern said he was "just caring for those dogs" and did not own them.

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Anonymous said...

THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE PUT UNDER THE JAIL IF THESE REPORTS ARE TRUE. tethering does not cause behavioral problems lack of socialization does. there has been a study done by a research team that has proven kenneled and chained dogs show no difference. as the staff at Denali National park will also tell you as their sled dogs are tethered responsibly and they are socialized. this guy i'm not sure if he is a dog fighter or just an idiot. You don't have to be a dog fighter to mistreat pit bulls. I think we need to stop screaming dog fighting every pit bull case. You only need to be lazy to have scared up dogs. Too lazy to secure a female in heat away so she is not bothered by anyone, too lazy to have appropriete hardware(as he is not if he truly had 3 foot chains BUT they also said Floyd and Guy had dogs on 3 foot chains which was later proven a lie), too lazy seek medical attention for an injured dog, or too lazy to keep strays out of your yard. If this is in fact true then this guys is not someone who should ever ever own a dog and obviously was not meant to again by law. BUT we must refrain from calling people who are idiots dog fighters just because the dogs they mistreat are APBT's because if it were beagles, who hunters historicly tether as well, no one would be thinking dog fighting. Cruelty, NO DOUBT, but the dog fighting charge has been getting thrown out of court and awful lot lately for complete lack of proof.