Tuesday, December 16, 2008

63-year-old pleaded guilty in pitbull attack- PRIME example of why not to take your APBT (or any dog for that matter) to the dog park!

Fined $1,500, plus ordered to pay vet bills

A Trenton woman who was looking after a cross-bred pitbull that mauled and ultimately killed a Pomeranian at the city’s dog park earlier this year will be out $1,500 after pleading guilty to several charges, Monday.

Rose Armstrong, 63, pleaded guilty to three charges under the Dog Owners Liability Act in court and was given fines totaling $1,500 and was ordered to pay $400 in veterinarian bills amassed by the other dog owner.

In addition, she was ordered to ensure the three dogs she currently owns are properly leashed at all times.

In the days following the Sept. 18 attack, Armstrong was charged under the Dog Owners Liability Act with allowing the dog to attack a person, allowing the dog to attack a domestic animal, failure to muzzle a pit bull, not having the pit bull on a leash and allowing a pit bull to "behave in a manner that poses a menace to the safety of persons and domestic animals."

The animal, which was placed under quarantine for 10 days after the incident, is now back in the care of its original owner.

In 2005, the Ontario government passed a law with strict guidelines surrounding pit bulls including a ban on the dogs. Pit bulls that were alive at the time of the bill's creation were grandfathered but breeding of the dogs is no longer permitted.

The legislation also requires pit bulls, when in public, to be on a leash and be muzzled.

The law, had the dog been a full-blooded pit bull, would have allowed animal control officers to seize the animal shortly after the attack.

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