Thursday, December 18, 2008

Abused pit bulls in custody of the Oklahoma Animal Alliance

More than 90 pit bulls involved in the recent animal neglect case are now in the custody of the Oklahoma Animal Alliance, the Kay County Sheriff's Department announced Tuesday morning.

The Oklahoma Animal Alliance, a Tulsa non-profit organization, will then transfer the animals to "Bad Rap," a California based Pit Bull Terrier Group that will examine the dogs later this week.

According to Ruth Steinberger, State Outreach Coordinator of the Oklahoma Animal Alliance, some of the animals will be transported to California for rehabilitation and possible adoption at a later date. Steinberger said the remainder of the pit bulls will be euthanized based on the recommendation of "Bad Rap" experts.

As for the number of dogs that might be euthanized, Steinberger said Tuesday, "There is no way to know at this point."

Eight pups were not turned over to the Oklahoma Animal Alliance and remain in the custody of Kay County.

According to Kay County Undersheriff Steve Kelley, the pups will be available for adoption in the near future. Kelley said a list of area residents asking to adopt the pups has been compiled from requests over the past two weeks. The undersheriff said those wishing to adopt will have their background screened before the county will agree to the adoption.


Anonymous said...

So, the fate and disposition of all of these dogs will be in the hands of Bad Rap. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 90 dogs handed over to just ONE group? No collaboration or ANYthing?

Anonymous said...

Thats fine Im sure Bad rap means to do the best that they can for the animals ,however I am opposed to the Policy that dogs with fighting scars and that show signs of animal agressiveness Are Euthanized,for they are said to pose a threat to both man and other peoples pets. I have come to learn from reading books by certain authorities on the breed that a pure bred A.P.B.T of fighting stock ,that have been "proffessionaly" fought actually show little if any human agressiveness,due mainly to the fact that the Gamebred A.P.B.T was allowed,'if you will'Domesticationin part due to its ability to bring down formidible prey,or fight formidable opponents to the point that its opponent Gives up .If it was impossible to domesticate such a trait ,then domestication of the A.P.B.T would never have been possible ,of course some would argue that it may be possible but a poor trait to attempt to domesticate ,however the fact that the A.P.B.T scores very highly on most temperment tests such as probably will be given by bad rap ,proves other wise,but I say Regardless of signs that a A.P.B.T has been in fighting contests ,such as having scars ,Let" all dogs "that pass the Temperment test be allowed rescue by possible adoption .As far as the danger that A.P.B.T fighting stock proves to other peoples pets.We must remember that animal agression is a inherited gene in the breed and sometimes surfaces in dogs that have never been fought ,fact is all A.P.B.T are potentialy animal agressive ,but its the fact that the owner must be knowlegeable of this trait and show responsability by keeping sucha dog in constraint at all times ,Fact is Any breed of dog be it A.P.B.T ,labrador,collie,ect.ect.posses a threat to others peoples petsproperty and physical safety when The Leash Law is not observed and Practiced .So let Anydog that passes the Temperment Test be allowed possible adoption,even the ones that show signs that they have been illegal fought .