Sunday, December 7, 2008

Arrest Made Case Of Dead Pit Bulls

PADUCAH, KY - An arrest has been made in the case of the eleven dead pit bulls that were found dumped in the Clarks River off Bryant Ford Road November 6th. The arrest of 30 year old Thomas E. Timmons came Friday evening about 7:15 by the McCracken and the Graves County Sheriff's, on charges of Tampering with Physical Evidence. Timmons told police he had been in possession of the eleven pit-bull dogs at his Symsonia home on the night of November 5th when he saw a television news report about the pit bulls that had been found at a home it Graves County. Timmons recognized one of the men arrested on the news cast as being the same man that brought the eleven pit bull dogs to his home about a month prior, paying him $200week to care and store the dogs. Timmons told police he was afraid that he would be caught with these dogs and possibly get into trouble for having these dogs in his possession. He stated that they had scars where he suspected that they had been fought by the owner. He stated that he went outside his home and shot the eleven dogs in the head with a .22 caliber rifle. He then put the dead dogs in his pickup truck and drove them into McCracken County and dumped them in a creek off of Bryant Ford Road. He said he later threw the .22 caliber rifle he used to kill the dogs off of the Tennessee River Bridge at the McCracken and Livingston County Line. While the crime with which Timmons has been charged deals only with disposing of evidence in a possible crime, that is the only part of the case alleged to have happened in McCracken County. Additional charges are expected in Graves County.

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