Friday, December 19, 2008

Dog Starved To Death; Owner Charged (TN)

This "woman" was warned THREE times and still allowed to have animals?? That says a lot to me about the city of Chattanoooga's compassion for animals!!!!!!!

A dog is dead and her owner faces serious charges.

Officers tell us the dog starved to death and that this is a death that could have easily been prevented. They also say that more pets are paying the price right now because of the struggling economy.

Behind a fence on the 1300 block of Bradt Street officers tell us they found the body of a dog that starved to death earlier this week.

"This here is the pit bull that we found," Officer Veronica Carlisle says as she shows us a picture of the dog.

Carlisle says she responded to the home after a neighbor called and said the corpse had been lying in the yard for over a week. When Carlisle arrived she says she found a dog chained on the front porch and the dead pit bull in the back yard.

"Pretty devastating to see that a dog had suffered that way and was just thrown to the fence line," Carlisle says.

Officers tell us they've warned the dog's owner, Jodi Gleash, three times about neglecting her animals. This time they arrested Gleash, charging her with aggravated animal cruelty, but tell us Gleash said she simply couldn't afford to feed her pet.

"She turned it out of her house so that it could go out and eat grass and hopefully get better," Carlisle says.

And this is a problem that we're seeing more and more throughout the Tennessee Valley. The Director of Chattanooga's Humane Society says owners have surrendered 500 more animals in 2008 than in 2007and he says that's a direct result of the downturn in the economy.

"It's very sad that times are so hard that they can't even afford to feed an animal," Carlisle says.

But even during hard times Carlisle says there's no excuse to let any animal die.

"There's always other means that people can result to if they just check, there's people that's out there that's willing to help," Carlisle says.

And if you can't take care of any of your pets you can call the McKamey Animal Shelter if you live inside of the Chattanooga City limits or the Chattanooga Humane Society if you live in the County.

McKamey Animal Center - 423 305 6500

Chattanooga Humane Society - 423 624 5302

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