Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres to host Michael Vick's dog, Georgia

Set your TIVO or DVR to record The Ellen Show on Monday, December 15th so you don’t miss the special appearance of Georgia, one of the rehabilitated dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. It will be the first opportunity for the public to see the magical transformation these abused dogs have made.

Georgia and 21 of her buddies were rescued from the illegal ring, last January. Their owner, Atlanta Flacon’s quarterback Michael Vick, is in prison serving a 23-month sentence.

Ellen met Georgia when she visited Dogtown at the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. She was so impressed with her story and recovery that she invited the Pit bull terrier and John Garcia, the manager of Dogtown to be on her show.

Georgia was like many of the dogs rescued from the dog fighting ring. She had scars all over her body and even though her tail had been cropped, it was broken in several places. Her teeth had been pulled out because she was used as a “bait” dog for the other dogs to learn to fight. And she showed signs of having several litters of puppies. The worst part of it all was Georgia’s fears; she cowered when anyone came near her.

The good news is that viewers will see a completely different dog on The Ellen Show. With the help of Garcia, Georgia has her confidence back and acts like any other playful pup. Watch Georgia this Monday to see how she has blossomed into a loyal and trusting family dog.

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