Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Requirements of Drivers & Pet Owners

As we ring in the new year, there are new fines and requirements to deal with. Several law changes take effect in Nebraska and Iowa starting Thursday.

There’s a new requirement for many Omaha dog owners. The muzzle portion of the dangerous dog ordinance takes effect Thursday. Pit bulls and pit bull mixes will need to be muzzled when outside and not in a properly fenced-in yard.

Jerilynn Digilio is fitting her pit bull lab mix Duddies for a new muzzle. "I have to be in compliance and he's part of the family, so I'm not giving him up."

If the dogs and their owners pass certain classes, show proof of sterilization, microchip, have $100,000 liability insurance, license and vaccination and no ordinance violations, the muzzle requirement can be waived. Dogs would then wear a special "ambassador" vest instead.

Twenty-seven dogs have done that so far. Duddies is not among them. "I'll work with him as much as I can.”

Registration fees for unaltered cats and dogs will also increase in 2009 to $50. The cost for spayed or neutered dog goes up $5 to $20.

"One of the reasons why is because your license fees pay for animal control," says the Nebraska Humane Society’s Pam Wiese.

If a non-registered pet has any violation, it results in a $200 fee. "If you get three violations of Chapter 6 within a 24-month period then you can be deemed a reckless owner and your pets can be taken away," says Wiese.

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really an eye opener for me.

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