Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A pit bulldog in Cleveland attacked five people inside one home after some of those people got into a fight. Now, three year old "Adema" will be put down after HIS ten day quarantine. Calista Phillips says her dog got upset when her best friend's boyfriend tackled another girl inside their home Sunday night. "Adema" went after the boyfriend.

It snow balled from there. The dog bit Calista, her boyfriend, another man in the house and Calista's mother who remains in Skyridge Medical Center with deep wounds and multiple stitches.

In a bittersweet decision, Calista chose to have her dog put down. "The pain I'm in doesn't compare to the hole in my heart because my dog's gone. He would have been four in February," Phillips said.

She adds "Adema" has gotten more and more aggressive since her grandmother died four months ago.

Animal control officers say you must be aware that pit bulls, german shepherds, chow dogs and several other breeds will protect their owners and not back down.

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