Friday, December 5, 2008

Pit Bull Dragged Behind Truck For Several Blocks

DOWNEY A woman was cited for animal cruelty Thursday when her pit bull jumped out of her truck bed and was dragged along the road, an animal control captain said.

The woman told authorities she was putting the 1-year-old dog to sleep because it has mange, a curable skin condition, according to Capt. Aaron Reyes, director of operations at Southeast Area Animal Control Authority.

"A female witness drove behind the (woman's) truck and watched in horror as the dog screamed and flailed against the asphalt for several blocks," Reyes said.

The bloodied dog, named Prada, was immediately unleashed and taken to the facility's veterinary division, where it was expected to recover.

The woman was cited by SEAACA officers for felony animal cruelty and for misdemeanor "illegally transporting an animal in the back of a vehicle," Reyes said.

She has not been formally charged by the District Attorney's Office.

"Once again, we'd like to stress that it is illegal and unsafe to transport animals in the back of vehicles meant for cargo in the state of California," Reyes said.

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