Monday, December 22, 2008

Pit bull owners upset over city's proposal to restrict breed in Oshkosh

(Picture of ALI, one of my "vicious" Pit Bulls)

There has been an outcry from Oshkosh pit bull owners who say the city’s proposal to put restrictions on the breed is unfair.

Many who own a pit bull in Oshkosh say they’ve never had any problems with their dog being aggressive toward animals or humans and think the breed should not be singled out as a possible threat to the safety of others. They say pit bulls get a bad rap as a “bully breed” due to irresponsible owners who do not properly care for their pets or raise the dogs to be fighters.

The proposed ordinance, which is still in the works, would require owners of pit bulls and related breeds in the city of Oshkosh to obtain a special license or complete the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Program. If the owner and their dog completed that program, they would be exempt from having to apply for the special license, which would require them to keep their pit bull fenced in a 5-by-10 enclosed pen when outdoors alone and keep a muzzle on the canine when out on a walk, as well as other specific standards.

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