Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pit bull rules re-visited

A concerned pet owner urged the Tea City Council to rescind an ordinance that bans three dog breeds within city limits on Monday night.
Megan Hes owns two American pit bull terriers. The dogs have lived with her since she moved to Tea from Illinois two years ago.
Hes told the council she was unaware of the ban when she came to town, and that her landlord approved the dogs when she moved in.
�I was not aware of it at the time I moved here,� Hes said. �I didn�t know anything about it until the officer showed me the ordinance.�
Hes said her dogs are not vicious. She brought a neighbor to the meeting to testify that they were friendly animals.
All dogs can attack if they aren�t properly trained, Hes said.
�I think we should look at this on an individual dog basis,� she said. �I�ve been attacked by a German shepherd.�
Council member Herman Otten said the ordinance was put in place because certain breeds are more dangerous than others.
�All dogs bite,� Otten said. �This (breed�s) attacks are more ferocious than any other dog�s attack.�
Council members Brian Fowlds and Joe Weis suggested altering the ordinance to allow for the dogs deemed �dangerous� to be licensed.
�Banning a dog from town goes a little too far,� Fowlds said.
The council voted to table action on any change until the city consults with its attorney to discuss the liability issues surrounding a licensing clause.
Until then, Hes is allowed to keep her dogs

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