Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Police Look Into Possible Dogfighting Ring by Cristina Frank

ALBERT LEA, MN - Investigators are looking into a possible case of dog fighting in southern Minnesota. Someone found a canine in Albert Lea with curious cuts and scrapes. And you might be able to save this dogs life.

This pit bull pup likes to play, but it could have a violent past.

"She is definitely malnourished. She's got sores on her cheek, on her front leg. She's got some scarring on the rest of her body," Albert Lea Animal Control Officer Leah Stoltz said.

Someone found this canine wandering in Albert Lea over the weekend. Police the scars and cuts on her body lead them to think she could have been abused.

"This is of course speculation, but I'm thinking probably fighting of some sort. The sores on her cheek and her front legs....she could have been hit by a car."

The pup, called Ellie Mae, could be one of many out there. And now, investigators are relying on the public to find out if she could have been a part of a dog fighting ring.

"You can keep your eyes open, keep your ears open. If you hear of anything. If you hear people their dogs steroids," Christa Stieler with the Freeborn County Humane Society said.

While she's in a safe place now, her future is still very uncertain. Because Ellie Mae is a pit bull, a lot of rescue agencies won't take her in. So, unless she's adopted by Friday, she may have to be put down.

"If there's someone who has experience with the bully breeds who can really focus on the animal and maybe retrain her to be a social dog and wants to come forward and help....really that's what we're looking for," Stoltz said.

If you have any information about Ellie Mae or want to adopt her, call Albert Lea's Animal Control at (507)377-5205.

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