Monday, December 22, 2008

Someone PLEASE educate this FOOL!

AG wrestles with pit bulls
11:46 AM Mon, Dec 22, 2008
Rodger Jones

AG Greg Abbott may have a big say in whether lawmakers can target pit bulls and other dangerous dog breeds with restrictive legislation. I hope he does/they can/they will.

Dog attacks have been big in the news down state. Welcome to the club. I hope lawmakers are sick of reading about their constituents torn to pieces by vicious dogs.

Here's my model legislation:

Pit bull owners would need special pit bull licenses, at $5,000 per dog per year. Owners could keep only one adult pit bull per household A special licence would be required for breeders, at $15,000 per litter. When outdoors, a pit bull would have to be enclosed in an 8-foot-high game fence with padlocked gate. The enclosure would have to be inspected and approved before issuance of the licence. No unmuzzled pit bull could be walked on a leash. Any pit bull roaming free could be shot on sight.

A first-time violation would be a state jail felony. Any vehicle used to transport an illegal pit bull could be confiscated and sold at auction.

Subsequent violations would result in mandatory prison time and forfeiture of pit bull ownership for life.

As for the tricky question of defining a pit bull, that's simple: A pit bull is anything that looks like one.

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Anonymous said...

You are an absolutely uneducated, misinformed, ignorant fool. You know nothing about that breed of dog and sound like an idiot to those of us that do.