Friday, December 12, 2008

Witness: Police Officers Ignored Dog Fight

On Saturday afternoon, a witness says the intersection of Austin Peay and Yale Road was the scene of open and public dog fighting.

"They were slapping the faces of the dogs until they attacked humans. They were sicking the dogs on each other until they drew blood," said Cindy S.

She doesn't want her full name given because of the undercover work she does with animal cruelty in Memphis. But says when she pulled over and got a closer look, she saw about 30 young men standing around 15 muscular pit bulls, going at it.

"I saw them attacking each other and as they would attack, the guys would pull them back," she said.

Cindy believes the fighting was actually a sales pitch. She says along with the large dogs, there were cages of pit bull puppies up for sale.

"It's a method of dog fighting that proves that the sire, the male dog, is a fighter and will go in and fight."

Cindy says she called police immediately. But says it took 1 hour and 20 minutes for one officer to arrive after calling them the first time.

"Eventually I got out of my car and got all of the license plate numbers, called the dispatcher back, and said I've even got their numbers, please send someone out here. It's criminal activity. It's a felony," she said.

Cindy says she called police a total of three times to report the dog fighting and says she contacted the administrator of Memphis Animal Services too. He confirms he also called police. But Cindy says what's worse, is that by the time an officer showed up to find the fighting over with plenty of officers drove by.

"Thirteen patrol cars passed going with the rate and flow of traffic. No one had lights on. No one was hurrying. No one stopped," she said.

Memphis Police say they are looking into the complaint.

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