Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 dogs seized- One dog suffered gashes on legs and swollen feet (TX)

Marshall, TX

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marshall animal control officials will appear in court 9 a.m. Thursday to request permanent custody of 10 dogs seized from a duplex at 706 W. Burleson St.

The hearing will be before Precinct 4, Place 1 Justice of the Peace Nancy George.

And while she awaits the outcome of that activity, Marshall Animal Shelter Supervisor Evelyn Sepulvado is contacting rescue groups in the hopes of meeting the urgent medical needs of one of the animals.

In an online appeal, Ms. Sepulvado notes: "On Jan. 22, animal control followed up on a complaint" regarding an owner of a residence who was allowing her dogs "to live alone in a two-bedroom duplex.

"Originally we thought there were four to five dogs in the B side of the house. Upon receipt of a seizure warrant and a warrant to access the property, we were shocked to discover dogs in both the A and B side, a total of 10 large adult dogs," she said.

"While we know there was evidence of food, because of empty bags in the garage, in the back yard and on the lawn, the house had no running water and the electricity was off on one side," Ms. Sepulvado said. "The floors in both sides of the duplex were covered in dog feces, urine and trash.

"During removal of the dogs from the residence, animal control officers noticed one adult male, yellow lab that could barely walk. Closer investigation revealed the dog's hind legs had huge open gashes which were extremely infected," the shelter supervisor said.

"Both his feet were swollen and looked to be three times their normal size. The smell from the infection was horrible.

"Please see if we can get some financial assistance to help cover the medical expenses of this sweet and wonderful dog," Ms. Sepulvado urged the animal rescue groups. "He was so sweet when I went to see him today at the vet's office. He tried to stand and come out of his kennel. The vet says the amount of pain he must have been in was tremendous."

Ms. Sepulvado said the city has had "ongoing issues" with the property owner, primarily in the form of code enforcement.

The garage area is filled with overflowing trash cans and outside the Rosborough Street entrance is an abandoned automobile seat and an opened umbrella.

When code enforcement employees went to the site to investigate complaints of overgrown vegetation, they realized the dogs were there alone, Ms. Sepulvado said.

Large rats were also seen in the back yard, she added, and, at that point, Ms. Sepulvado said she obtained a warrant to enter the duplex.

She said four dogs were living in one side of the complex and six in the other. Including the injured dog, the residence was home to seven "pure bred" Labradors, a border collie mix, a golden retriever mix and a pit bull mix, Ms. Sepulvado said.

Animal negligence charges have been filed against the owner because of the injured dog.

"I have submitted my paper work to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Marshall Police Department and am awaiting notification that they have processed an arrest warrant," Ms. Sepulvado added.

If the court grants custody of the animals, Ms. Sepulvado said the shelter will be seeking permanent homes.


Donations sought

Donations for the care of "Ol' Yeller," a thoroughbred yellow Labrador seized by Marshall animal control officers from a duplex on Burleson Street, may be sent to:

McClendon's Veterinary Service, 7379 U.S. Highway 59 South, Marshall, 75672; telephone, 903-938-1117

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