Friday, January 2, 2009

6 seized dogs heal slowly

Authorities say the dogs seized by animal control officers at a house on Jones Road in eastern Floyd County last week are healing.

Police believe their wounds were received during dogfights. By late Thursday no arrests had been made.

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Jason Broome, the director of Floyd County Animal Control, said the six dogs taken from the property Dec. 23 have all been treated for their various wounds and health problems.

“The one that we thought had a damaged eye, that wound turned out to be on the eyebrow just above the eye,” Broome said. “The wound was cleaned up, and it’s healing nicely. The dog we thought had a possible broken leg was found to have ligament damage around the joint, and one dog that was bruised and swollen has been treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

“All the dogs have been seen by a veterinarian, treated for their injuries, and their wounds have been documented,” he added. “They are all getting back into decent shape, although some still have a little scarring from fights they have been through.”

Broome said the dogs have not shown any signs of aggressiveness toward people, but they don’t seem to be comfortable around other dogs — another possible sign they’ve been used for dogfighting.

He said while the Floyd County Police Department continues its investigation and its search for those responsible, the animals seized will be cared for at the Floyd County Animal Shelter.

“According to the investigators, the pictures we have and the vet records will probably be sufficient to build their case,” Broome said. “However, we’re still holding on to the dogs for a while to see if anything changes. But all of them are in a lot better shape than when they were found.”

The six American pit bulls were taken from the property last week by animal control officers after they were contacted by an investigator working for the U.S. Humane Society.

Sgt. Dan Bickers of the Floyd County police said at the time that the condition of the dogs could lead to felony cruelty to animal charges. Bickers said Thursday that the investigation is continuing.

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