Wednesday, January 7, 2009

County Briefs: Trial date set for pit bull case, board picks vice chair

Trial date set for pit bull case

The lawsuit against Loudoun County's pit bull adoption policy will go to trial in May. During a hearing just before Christmas, legal representatives from the county and Animal Rescue of Tidewater met to set the date for May 5-7.

The three-day trial will likely decide whether the county's animal shelter can maintain its policy of not allowing pit bulls and pit bull mixes to be adopted.

A complaint against the county's policy was filed in September 2007 by Loudoun resident Ronald Litz, who called the county shelter in Waterford to adopt a pit bull. He said that because pit bulls could not be adopted, they were euthanized. His complaint resulted in a temporary injunction, which called on the county to transfer pit bulls to rescue centers and shelters that allow their adoption.

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