Thursday, January 22, 2009

Disturbing Case of Animal Cruelty Lands 3 Crandall Men in Murray County Jail

I can't even begin to put into words how sick this makes me...

Dog owners in a quiet Crandall neighborhood can't imagine what made 54 year old Randall Blaylock, 50 year old Richard Roach and 45 year old Jeffrey Fuller brutally kill a medium-sized black dog early Tuesday morning. Roach was just released from prison this past October after serving time for child molestation.

Lee Cagle lives across the street from the house where the incident occurred. "It's kind of bad for the neighborhood. Just living across the street from someone like that," he said Wednesday afternoon.

Around 1:00am Tuesday, a Murray County sheriff's deputy responded to Blaylock's home on Greyland Farm Road. The caller said some men cut off a dog's head and were then eating the dog's remains.

Murray County Sheriff Howard Ensley described what the officers saw when they responded: "Three males in the kitchen and living room area had quite a bit of blood on them. On their hands, on their face, on their clothes, on their shoes."

All three men were very intoxicated. They first said they killed a deer. Later Fuller admitted Blaylock and Roach killed a dog.

"The officers found a spot in the backyard where it had an axe with some blood on it," Sheriff Ensley added. "[They] found some wood out there with a tremendous amount of blood on it, around the ground there."

The report then says the deputies noticed a bad smell coming from a burn barrel nearby. Inside the deputies found the dog's head, skin and feet. "At that point found the animal that had been skinned in the freezer in a plastic bag," Sheriff Ensley said.

Cagle said he couldn't believe it when he heard the details. "They put it in the freezer. The way they talk, they cut it up like a deer and everything."

Neighbors tell us a sign that says, 'Dog House for Sale' was up about a week ago. That's before this incident happened. We found the sign on the ground covered in snow.

"I saw it when I went down to the mailbox the other day. I just happened to see the sign over there. It was down there for quite a while," added Cagle.

Sheriff Ensley had no explanation for this case of animal cruelty. "One of them made the statement they had just carried out God's plan."

The felony aggravated cruelty to animals charge carries a maximum fifteen thousand dollar fine and up to five years in prison.

Deputies had to wait for the men to sober up before questioning them... After Deputy Brown read Randall Blaylock his Miranda rights, he asked what was in the plastic bag in the freezer.

Blaylock said it was "processed dog."

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Anonymous said...

I knew this person roach when I was a kid.his name fits him right.Anyone that could do this to a dog .I hop4e murray county does the right thing and gives him the 5 years and the 15 thousand dallor fine.Lets keep this roach behind bars were he belongs.I knew he was trash.Even when i was a kid