Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dog Owner "You've Got The Wrong Dog!"

The owner of a pit bull puppy says he's fighting to keep his dog from being put to sleep by Greenville Animal Control, after the dog was accused of attacking another dog.

Animal control knocked on the door of a Greenville home Wednesday -- searching for a dangerous pit bull.

Gregory Robb says his shih tzu was attacked by a black and white pitbull on January 16th.

Nearby neighbor, Charles Lewis, says his 5 month-old pit bull was taken by animal control last Thursday because Robb accused his dog of the attack.

Lewis says he keeps his dog in a crate and believes his next door neighbor with an older pit bull and similar markings was the real attacker. Lewis says animal control did not conduct a thorough investigation.

If the case is closed, Lewis says his dog will be put down on Thursday. Since January 22nd, Lewis has been paying 50 dollars a day just to keep his dog alive.

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Anonymous said...

Dog is pobably better off. Poor thing was being kept in a crate!