Thursday, January 8, 2009

German Shepherd Fights Off Burglar

Memphis Police Hope Blood Trail Will ID Burglar


Memphis police believe a German shepherd attacked a Midtown burglar. Police found a blood trail inside the house. Now, investigators think they may be able to figure out who the burglar is by analyzing the blood he left behind.

Stephen Pellegrin had no idea he had his very own McGruff the Crime Dog. But, Tuesday, his 90 pound German shepherd named Lizzie, did take a bite out of crime, or at least a criminal.

Pellegrin says, "She stood her ground and let the perpetrator know he was in the wrong house."

Pellegrin says a burglar broke into his house on Mignon Street while he was at work, Tuesday.

When he got home Lizzie was not inside where she normally stayed, instead she was lying in the backyard with the gate open.

Pellegrin says, "I could tell she thought she might have done something wrong."

Police found blood near the front door. Investigators think Lizzie attacked the burglar and left him with serious marks.

Pellegrin says, "We started looking around and in the backyard was a shirt. Whoever was in our house took it to wrap the wound Lizzie had made and had blood all over the shirt. She took care of business, it was a good thing."

Police are now sending blood samples to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to see if they can find a DNA match and catch the crook.

Pellegrin says, "The police said since we have blood here; let's see if we can get crime scene out here. They said, this is just a great time to try. He got on the phone with his supervisors they said let's do it, since there's blood there let's do it. I think it's wild."

Police say they don't know of a case exactly like this but they say they have analyzed blood left by burglars who've cut themselves on broken windows or doors.

Pellegrin says, "It's a great tool for the Memphis police to use and it should be an eye opener for the bad guys."

Lizzie didn't escape unharmed. Some of her toenails were broken during the fight and she has a slight limp. But Pellegrin made sure to reward Lizzie for her heroic effort.

Pellegrin says, "We actually went and ate steak and bought the dog a steak and she ate steak with us last night."

Pellegrin took Lizzie to the vet today. The vet says she's fine and will recover from the injuries.

Police say it will likely take six to eight weeks to get the blood analyzed.

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