Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Most pit bulls both loving and loveable

As a volunteer at the Chemung County SPCA, I am concerned about how pit bulls are perceived by the general public. Unfortunately, the breed seems to be the most likely to be surrendered to or picked up as a stray by the agency.

Whatever their background, the pit bulls I have come in contact with have overwhelmingly been loveable and loving animals. I believe this is largely because of the care they receive from the SPCA's highly competent and dedicated staff and volunteers.

Sports Illustrated recently reported that of the 51 pit bulls confiscated from footballer Michael Vick's infamous dog fighting operation, 47 have either been adopted or are in foster care or rehab. This is after ASPCA and PETA judged them to be beyond rehabilitation and recommended euthanization.

As my vet astutely observed, "A pit bull will be whatever you want it to be." My concern as a volunteer is that I might be licked to death by one of these "vicious" animals.

SPCA operates under overcrowded and underfinanced conditions. Contributions are their major source of revenue, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Wilson

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