Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Book To Tell The "Tails" Of Michael Vick's Dogs

Posted By: Gloria McDonough-Taub
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In Book Deals today –

Jim Gorant – the Sports Illustrated Editor/writer and author of “Fanatic: Ten Things All Sports Fans Should Do Before They Die”, has signed a deal to write “THE LOST DOGS.”

The book is being billed as an inspirational account of the rescue and “adoption” of Michael Vick's abused pit bulls.

You remember the story – Vick the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcon’s - seemed to have had it all: fame, riches, glory and a fabulous career ahead of him and then back in 2007, more than 60 dogs were rescued from his property in rural Virginia.

The nation was shocked: the images were hard to look at – trying to make sense of it all was even harder. In some news accounts, the dogs were called “ticking time bombs” and there were demands that they should be euthanized as soon as the case was closed.

But that’s not what happened.

Animal experts/rescuers rushed in, checked them out AND changed their names! These “killer dogs” were given more family-friendly names like Iggy, Zippy, Cherry Garcia, Squeaker, Big Fella, and Handsome Dan. The next thing you know – these were the most wanted animals in the country.

Some of the dogs were given to homes as far away as California. A group called which bills itself as the “most pit bull friendly spot” in the Bay Area has documented the whole ordeal on their website.

Gorant’s book is due out Fall 2010, just a couple of months after Vick is scheduled to be released from prison.

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