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Pit Bull Attacks 2008: Are These Dogs Safe in the Neighborhood?

Once again, no responsibility is placed on the owners and the ignorant views of the media have prevailed....maybe this author spent too much time on Someone should let her know what a sham the organization really is...

Pit bull owners are often defensive about their pets. They need to be. That's because there are plenty of outraged people about these animals in the neighborhoods, especially where there are children.

Even in "paradise" Hawaii pit bulls are hanging around, sometimes close enough to very young neighbors to be a real terror for them. In fact some local folk think it's tough there to have a dog that can be fierce enough to attack on sight. Owners consider the dogs protection. But pit bulls have been problems in many places so there's plenty to say about them.

Right at the Christmas holiday in 2008, a 21-year-old man, Christopher Friesen, was attacked and injured by a pit bull in Molalla, Washington. The local television channel provided the news about it. There were two pit bulls involved in the attack, and they were quarantined for 10 days following the attack. They had been found inside an empty lumber mill building foundation and were reported to be very aggressive. Friesen was initially hospitalized at Silverton Hospital with injuries that included what was described as " serious puncture, abrasion and crushing injuries" He was out on a walk on Christmas day when the dogs attacked him.

Right before the holidays another pair of pit bulls mauled to death a 60-year-old man in California. The man was the grandfather of the dogs' owner. He was outside taking a cigarette break when he was attacked by what the sheriff called very aggressive pit bulls. It was said by the County Animal Services spokesperson about it that since the dogs had not been spayed they were particularly aggressive. They were also both good-sized dogs with the male weighing 107 pounds and the female 52 pounds. The name of the victim was not released at the time of the media report.

Three other attacks by pit bulls were reported in the United States in the last two months of the year, and there were probably more, as I am citing just the initial incidents found during a survey of this problem. In Camarilo, California a man and woman were both treated for hand injuries resulting from an attack by a pit bull, according to newspaper accounts. . In New Orleans a man shot and killed two pit bulls that attacked him. The New Orleans news online considered the problem of pit bulls material for a serious article about them. Two pit bulls seriously mauled a six-year-old boy and were put down as a result. The television station that broke the news in September said the child was in serious condition at a local hospital.

In Cleveland, Ohio The Metro reported nearly a thousand pit bulls had to be killed because their owners disobeyed the law that required them to be muzzled and kept in a fenced area. So it appears that in many places pit bulls are out and about without supervision.

Pit bulls have not only their friends as apologists, but others as well. There are a number of websites that plead the case for these animals, talking about the abuse they suffer. These people are quite protective of pit bulls.

It isn't difficult to find a recent case of a pit bull attack in the United States. OregonLive reported an incident in November of a 7-year-old who had been attacked badly by a 90-pound pit bull that took several people to subdue.

Dogs most involved in violent attacks are Rottweilers and pit bulls, according to statistical reports. Although some people claim it is the owner as opposed to the breed of dog that is responsible for the problems caused by dogs like pit bulls who attack and often severely injure or kill their victims, the question continues to arise: why are they kept as pets in ordinary neighborhoods?

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