Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pit bull breeder lands $1,500 fine

Leaving a pit bull puppy to suffer for 44 hours after it was mauled by an adult male has landed a Calgary breeder a $1,500 fine.

Paapa Joshua Inkumsah, 32, is also prohibited from owning any animals for two years, save for the two Staffordshire terriers he hopes to continue breeding in the future.

Provincial court Judge Jim Ogle yesterday accepted a joint Crown and defence submission for the fine and prohibition.

Prosecutor Gord Haight said police, responding to a complaint made Nov. 1, 2007, to the Calgary Humane Society, found the badly injured pup in a backyard kennel of Inkumsah's Queensland home.

Humane Society officers were then summoned to the scene, but it was too late, Haight said.

The dog ... was deceased by the time the Humane Society were able to attend to it, he said.
The animal had been mauled around 1 a.m. the previous day and was dead by the time officials arrived at 9:20 p.m. on Nov. 1.

"There was massive swelling of most tissues of the head," Haight said.

"Both sides of the jaw were disarticulated from the skull."

Defence lawyer Michael Oykhman said his client panicked after the adult male attacked the puppy over a scrap of food.

The dead canine was part of a litter of 12 Inkumsah was selling after purchasing both the female and male "show dogs," he said.

Oykhman said Inkumsah initially tried to assist the puppy, but it shrieked loudly at attempts to retrieve it from the kennel, so he decided to leave it overnight.

In the morning, the gate to his yard was open, leading him to believe both the attacking dog and the pup had escaped, Oykhman told Ogle.

"This is a person who made a mistake, who panicked, who faced a unique situation and didn't know what to do," the lawyer said.

He said his client plans to continue breeding his two dogs in the future.

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