Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pit Bull Found Frozen to Ground In Back Yard

January 21 (Ottawa) The GARY Humane Society is investigating the owner of a pit bull after the dog was found frozen to the ground during sub-zero temperatures last week.

The poor dog was found in a make-shift shelter and when found, was covered in a layer of snow.

The dog when found, appeared to not have access to either food or water.

Betty Clayton, the agency's director says that the dog was more than 25lbs underweight when it was discovered.

"This dog was so thin, it should have seen a veterinarian," she said. "It had a wire pen covered with quarter-inch thin wood boards around it. Common sense says you don't leave a dog that is 25 pounds underweight out during a night that was 16 below."

No charges have been filed against the owner of the dog, but it is against state law not to provide basic necessities for one's pet so surely charges will follow the investigation.

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