Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pit bull gets one-way ticket to freedom

It’s not the usual collection that customs officers take.

But a group of border control agents at the Queenston-Lewiston bridge have pooled their resources to buy a young pit bull a one-way ticket to freedom.

Kevin Strooband, executive director for the Lincoln County Humane Society, said the dog and her owner were recently detained at the border.

But the young pooch’s human companion left her after he was arrested and sent home to Kansas.

“We were going to give the dog back to him, but we’re unclear if he didn’t want the dog,” Strooband said.

With Ontario’s ban on pit bulls, the docile one-year-old dog named Roxy was destined for euthanization.

But officials at the border couldn’t stand the thought of that happening. So, together, they collected $700 to buy her a ticket to Alberta, and have her spayed, outfitted with microchip and vaccinated before taking flight.

“The customs officers wanted to push this along and send her out of province,” Strooband said. “Once you meet her, you have to because she’s so great. She’s so friendly and docile — not what the Ontario government would describe as a pit bull. It’s nice to see them work together. They didn’t have to.”

Roxy will be flown to Alberta this week where the organization, Pit Bulls for Life, will find her a home.

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