Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pit Bull Mix Attack Puts Spotlight On Leash Law and Misconceptions

Last weeks pit bull mix attack on two Bowling Green children has put the spotlight on leash laws in the area.

"The leash law states the animals need to be confined to their property, whether it be by fence, electrical fence or by leash. It must be confined to the property," said Bowling Green Animal Control Officer Bill Gruszczyk.

If not...

"They could face a civil citation for the animal running large, where the penalty is a fine. We will also speak to them and tell them why the animal needs to be kept on their property," added Officer Gruszczyk.

But the attacks also brings about an important question:

Are pit bulls dangerous animals?

We talked with Lorri Hare from the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society.

"Unfortunately, we hear a lot of times that pit bulls are bad dogs or pit bulls need to be banned. Pit bulls are not the leading biting dog in the U.S. Cocker spaniels, Chihuahuas bite also, but we just don't hear about those because they are not as strong or as vicious of a bite," said Hare.

The attacks have been on the mind of Hare-- and she says the dogs poor upbringing likely played a role in the attacks.

"This situation could have been avoided by raising that dog differently and housing the dog differently. I look at it as part of the owners responsibility," said Hare.

And as far as pit bulls being good pets...

"I've never agreed with the saying 'it's a pit bull so it is going to be vicious'-- I think if they are raised properly they can be amazing dogs," added Hare.

More Info about Bowling Green's Leash Law:

Dogs and cats allowed to roam the streets are not only a nuisance and dangerous to the public, but are in constant danger from cars, people, and even other animals.

For these reasons, all dogs and cats must be on a leash or confined on the owner's premises at all times.

Dogs and cats in violation of the leash law may be detained by Animal Control and impounded at the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society.

In addition to impoundment fees, owners may be issued a summons for a violation of the City Ordinance.

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