Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pit bull shooting disturbing-Letter to the Editor

Re: "Police investigate pit bull's death -- Off-duty officer says dog acted aggressively before he shot it," Friday Metro.

I am extremely distressed by the shooting of the dog in Stonebridge this week, just because she was "suspected" of bothering a lady. Neighbors seem to have known the dog and had no problems with her before.

The fact that this shooting took place in a residential neighborhood and that animal control was not called first is evidence of a crime to me.

Please people, secure your fencing. Walk it today to be sure your dog cannot get out. Be sure you bring dogs inside if you have workers in your yards and until you are positive they have locked up again.

Do not leave dogs outside all the time without human interaction; they will find something to do, and it is usually destructive.

Do your part in protecting your own dogs -- spay, neuter and keep a good watch over them.

I hope there will be a penalty for this shooting and a warning for the people who allowed her to get out.

Annabelle Brown, McKinney

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