Thursday, January 8, 2009

RSPCA issues dog safety warning after fatal attack

Keep large dogs away from children??? How about teaching your children how to PROPERLY interact with large (or ANY) dogs? When is the responsibilty EVER going to be put on PEOPLE and not the dogs???!

Posted January 8, 2009 15:25:00

The head of the RSPCA in Albury says the fatal dog attack in the New South Wales Riverina is a reminder to keep large dogs away from children.

A three-year-old girl died, her 15-month-old sister was badly hurt and a 45-year-old woman who owns the dogs was also injured during the attack in a house at Whitton.

Two of the dogs appear to have bull mastiff blood and police say all four are large cross breeds.

Dr Arthur Fraunfelder says these type of dogs can be domesticated, but are unpredictable.

"They're a fantastic dog as far as being domesticated and fitting in the family, but they, like all dogs, have a hierarchy and dogs have who's the boss and who's the next in the pack and unfortunately young children fit at the lower level of the pack," he said.

He says the owner of the dogs had no chance of controlling them as there is usually no time to act when a dog decides to attack.

"The animals just turned on everything and anything. They sometimes even attack themselves because they're trying to then work their way up the pack as well.

"But it's a case of once they become frenzied like they did and especially with the blood around, then they will attack anything."

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