Thursday, January 1, 2009

Three Legged Dog ~PIT MIX~ Fetches Infant’s Body

Their dog found an infant's body and brought it to their porch. Now the Milton, Florida couple is sharing details of the gruesome discovery.
Tonya and Henry McGill say they let their dog Coco roam their front yard Monday.

Tonya says the Pitbull-Labrador mix then ran into the bushes near Clear Creek Road, then returned with an infant's body in her mouth.
Today, Santa Rosa County Investigators combed the wooded area where the body was found.

According to the McGills the infant was naked and missing an arm.
"I just stood there and I kept saying it's a baby I just couldn't believe it because I didn't know what it was when she first dropped it on the ground,"Said Tonya McGill.
"Early in our marriage we lost a child due to a miscarriage so I mean it's upsetting that someone seemed to have a healthy baby and would do something like that,"Said Henry McGill.

An autopsy has been conducted but the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office is not releasing details at this time.

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