Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tossed pit bull named Angel doing very well

Last Update: 12/31/2008 10:12 pm

TAMPA, FL -- It seems appropriate to look back at a tragic story earlier this year that so far has a happy ending.

Angel the pit bull puppy tossed from a moving car and left for dead is doing very well. Her caretakers report great progress since they took over caring for Angel 7 weeks ago.

When she was found near a home so emaciated her bones were showing through her fur she weighed only 18 pounds. She now weighs 41 pounds! Angel's leg was damaged possibly when she was thrown from the car but her vet says now it has healed in a way that makes it difficult to repair without great risk.

Even with the injury she does not show any discomfort or pain. Once they get a handle on the mange she be able to have her spay surgery. Then with a clean bill of health she can be put up for adoption.

Angel's caretaker Lisa Presnail says she is smaller than her other pit bulls who weigh in about 70 pounds each but she gets along with them and is happy and shows no lasting impact from her neglect that sometimes dogs who are abused go through.

Angel's story has influenced others to help. The animal control that took over in Sebring has started working with rescues. They know of one dog that would have been put down but because of Angel's success was given a chance by safely being transferred to a rescue.

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