Monday, January 26, 2009

Vick: "Chickens ... Are Very Athletic to Me"

PETA just released the handwritten answers Vick gave to a "Developing Empathy" test he took just after he pled guilty to dogfighting charges in 2007 -- and he scored a whopping 73.5 out of 100 ... that's about a "C."

Among the highlights, Vick explains "The Golden Rule" as doing "on to others as u want them to do on to u .... (as long the feeling is mutual)." But that's only the beginning -- check out some unedited highlights:

"People who abuse animals dont [sic] have a heart and find it amusing to see animals suffer."

"Chickens have an uncanny ability to think and are very agile. They are very athletic to me."

"My aunt Tina own a Rotti name Tico. Once my aunt and her boyfriend Wayne was having an intense fight ... [Tico] jump through a glass window & pinned my aunt boyfriend Wayne to the ground just growling ... Now that's loyalty."

After he took the test, PETA balked on an offer to shoot a TV spot with Vick after his lawyers insisted they support his return to the NFL.

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