Friday, January 2, 2009

Woman says vicious pit bulls killed her pet pig

By Kandra Wells
Staff Writer

It feels like she’s lost her best friend.

Georgia Cooney lives a quiet life at her home at Bucks of Gaines Creek, overlooking Lake Eufaula. The 77-year-old widow has lived there for 17 years, in the same home she’s had since her daughter passed away, and then her husband. Today, it’s just her, a cat and three dogs.

There used to be a pig, too.

“She was supposed to be a pot belly, but I fed her too much and she weighed about 450 pounds,” Cooney said recently, describing the pet she’d had for 14 year. The animal died two weeks ago, and she believes it was attacked and killed by a neighbor’s dogs. “She just walked around,” Cooney said of her pet pig, Porky. “She visited the neighbors when she was young. They’d give her a dog treat and she’d come home.”

More recently, Porky pretty much stayed around the homestead.

She had a covered shelter with a thick bed of straw under a tree, and Cooney made sure she had fresh water every day.

“She was just a big, lay-around pig,” said Cooney’s friend and neighbor, Sharon Maxey.

“Georgia would go outside and stroke her belly.

“I’ve never seen her so upset.”

Cooney said she had called her daughter, Jill, to come water Porky the morning of Dec. 16 because it was too cold for her to do it, as she normally would. Hours later, Jill found the animal, its tail and an ear missing. Part of its head had also been torn open.

“I was so damned mad,” Cooney said.

She believes two pit bull dogs that belong to a neighbor are to blame. A police report by the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department indicates the owner of the dogs said she usually keeps the dogs contained, either chained or in an enclosure. The report also notes that no one actually saw the alleged attack.

“They said it’s a civil matter,” Cooney said she was told by the reporting deputy, Tracy Parrott.

For now, Cooney keeps a close watch for the neighbor’s dogs before letting her own small chihuahua, Baby, and a not-so-small pudgy dachshund, outdoors.

But reminders of her friend Porky are close by. She keeps a collection of porcelain pigs, pig magnets, stuffed pigs and miniature pigs throughout her kitchen.

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