Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aren't responsible enough to control your dogs? Just shoot them!

That's what this genius did...shot these dogs for being...DOGS. Can't control your dogs? well, just shoot them. What in the hell is the world coming to??

Man shoots, kills fighting family pit bulls

Staff Report
NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- A fight between two family pit bulls resulted in both dogs being killed after they bit their owners as they tried to separate them. Bruce Evans shot the canines belonging to his wife and daughter about 10:35 a.m. Monday.

Volusia County Animal Control Officer Becky Wilson and sheriff's deputies said Shamsi Evans' dog, Tony, bolted out the door of their home at 767 S. State Road 415, and attacked Zeus, a dog belonging to her daughter, Shanna Evans, which was outside at the time.

Shanna Evans lives in a separate residence on the property.

"The two dogs do not get along," Wilson said.

When the two women tried to intervene, they both got bitten on the finger.

Wilson said Bruce Evans heard the commotion and unsuccessfully attempted to halt the fight by firing a .45-caliber pistol five times in the air and into the ground. When they did not separate, he shot both animals, shooting one three times and the other twice.

Bruce Evans told sheriff's deputies based on the dogs' history of violence against each other, including an incident three years ago where he was mauled, "the only safe recourse was to kill the dogs."

"No charges are pending at this time," Wilson said.

She called the incident unfortunate, saying both animals were well-cared for and loved.

The Evans did not return telephone messages seeking comment.