Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pit bull dragged by truck up for adoption

DOWNEY - A pit bull who was dragged behind her owner's pickup truck on her way to an animal shelter will be available for adoption on Thursday from the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority Animal Care Center in Downey.

Center officials are requesting Bluebell go to a home where she will be the only animal.

"She has shown a tendency to become agitated in the presence of other animals, so we're going to be particular with her new owner and living arrangements," said Aaron Reyes, the authority's director of operations.

People interested in adopting Bluebell will be asked to complete an application and be interviewed. If there are multiple qualified adopters, a lottery-type drawing will be held to determine who will receive her.

Bluebell, who was formerly known as Prada, has healed from the injuries sustained in the dragging "and her skin condition is almost completely healed," Reyes said.

Her medical costs soared, but were offset by nearly $1,000 in donations, Reyes said.

Additionally, "Bluebell has been flooded with toys and fresh blankets thanks to the many donations received for her care," Reyes said.

The adoption fee is $100, which includes her spay procedure,vaccinations, micro chip, de-worming and flea treatment.

More information about Bluebell and other animals at the shelter, located at 9777 Seaaca St., is available by calling (562) 803-3301.