Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pit Bulls and Dog Fighting: The HSUS and ASPCA Over Step Their Authority

Thank you Jason, Angel, Honey and Patch of Pit Bull Lovers for this (hopefully) eye-opening piece on the HSUS and's way past time for people everywhere to wake up and realize what the organizations are REALLY about.

PLEASE read the full posting here The Pit Bull Lovers Blog

"The HSUS and the ASPCA are theives who are profiting from illegal seizures of perfectly healthy animals who are well cared for and loved."

"Even if someone is fighting their dogs it is still not right to steal their dogs and kill them because they say they can’t rehome them due to the fact they were used for fighting. Fighting dogs, by nature and a rule, are excellent dogs with people."

"American Pit Bull Terriers are noble canines that deserve our respect and our love. Not our hate and contempt. Allowing anyone to come in and say, “Well you have a Pit Bull, we are going to take them now without any reason whatsoever and kill them because well, they are fighting dogs.” Is stupid and it must stop right now."


brandon bond said...

HUGE Pit Bull charity event!!! check it out!

Anonymous said...

Just a note that HSUS and ASPCA are two separate organizations and ASPCA is separate from the Louisiana SPCA so I am not sure that ASPCA should be thrown in this mix.