Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pit bull dumping Dog warden proposes plan

The Daily Record

MILLERSBURG -- Residents living around the Wayne-Holmes border are asked by the dog warden to take down license plate numbers of pit bull owners who drop the dogs off and drive away.

"Dumping a dog, that's abandonment," said Dog Warden Reagan Tetreault. "It's illegal."

The state classifies pit bulls as vicious dogs, regardless of the age, size or temperament. The dog is required to stay in the house or, if outside, it must be in a locked kennel with a top on it, and owners are required to carry a $100,000 insurance liability policy, Tetreault said.

In addition, no pit bulls are allowed in Wooster's city limits. As the Wayne County dog warden has worked to enforce the city and state laws, more pit bulls are being found near County Line Road by state Route 83.

"They purchase the dog; they take it home. They don't know it before," Tetreault said. "Instead of doing the appropriate thing to do, which is take it to the humane society, it's easier to take it to the Holmes County line and drop them."