Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spuds Needs You!

Below is the email I received about Spuds...I know there are tons of dogs in shelters dying every day but his story really got to me...he was put in this position and now he must take the blame for it-if anyone has room, please contact me asap and I will put you in touch with the contact person for Spuds.

About a month ago a stray American Staffordshire was picked up by the AC&C officers. He is black and white, less then a year old and unbelievably sweet. I walked him 6 days a week for over two weeks and never saw any sign of aggression. Sometimes my daughter assists me in walking the dogs, so we often walked him along with another dog....no problem.

He was sent to the ** NC to be neutered and went on to our Humane Society to be adopted. (We are a small, somewhat remote town in the NC mountains, and do not currently have a local spay/neuter program, per se. Our shelters and our low cost spay-neuter program are run through HA. Spuds is so named because he looks like Spuds MacKenzie and has a cute personality. Everyone thought he was precious, and he was accepted into the Humane Society, where he would have a much better chance of being adopted, and not euthanized for space reasons.

Unfortunately, there was another (male dog) at the humane society. For whatever reason, these two dogs took an immediate disliking to each other. There were definite signs of aggression between the two dogs. One busy Saturday, while being put back into his cage and having his leash removed, Spuds made a break for it and immediately ran to Karl's cage. Karl broke out of his cage by repeatedly throwing his body against the cage door, and, a horrible fight in sued. The staff tried to break up the fight by employing the use of a water hose, broomsticks, and who knows what, to no avail. Unfortunately, using his instinctive reaction, a potential adopter who was visiting the shelter, reached out to grab one of the dogs in an effort to separate them.

Even more unfortunately, that reaction resulted in a dog bite from Spuds (minor- just marks and a tooth abrasion on the skin.) During the chaos of staff and volunteers attempting to break up the fight in this narrow-halled kennel full of barking dogs, Spuds bit a second person, a staff member. The staff was eventually able to steer the dogs into a doorway of an empty play area, and separate them with the door. Both dogs ended up at the emergency vet. Karl was put to sleep and Spuds is back at AC&C in quarantine. ** the original caretakers of Spuds) feel that Spuds *can* be safely adopted into a home. **, on the other hand, is unwilling to take the responsibility for adopting him to the public. After his quarantine, he will be available for adoption through **, but, his chances of actually finding a home while there is available space for him are very slim.

He truly is a wonderful boy and I am so hoping that you will give him a chance.

I am willing to do anything possible to help this particular dog get another chance at a long, happy life with loving people. Please help me.