Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sunny Star survives against odds


A pit bull called Star gets by without four of her toes, which she lost when she was dragged behind a car in Napier.

Star has quite a collection of scars on her body, but new owner Alastair "The Dog Man" Needes a specialist dog trainer is amazed that she does not carry any psychological scars from her ordeal in December.

"She's just one of the family," Mr Needes said. "We have two boys, four other dogs, sheep, chickens and goats, and I don't have any problems with her at all."

The SPCA nursed Star back to health and asked Mr Needes to assess her. Their normal policy was to put down pit bulls, but they thought Star was a special case.

"You'd think she would have psychological issues," Mr Needes said. "She could have been afraid of vehicles, or of people, but she's good.