Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adopted Vick pit bull a happy survivor

Adopted Vick pit bull a happy survivor

RICHMOND | Like many dogs introduced to new environments, Gracie was a bit hesitant when she arrived at Sharon Cornett's home in Chesterfield County....

Miss Cornett, who took in Gracie in December 2007 from the Virginia Beach animal shelter, quickly noticed how well the 38-pound pit bull did in the house and how easily she got along with Miss Cornett's two other dogs and several cats. It became obvious, Miss Cornett said, that Gracie already was home.

So Miss Cornett made it official. After a court-mandated waiting period, she adopted Gracie permanently.

"Probably one of the easiest dogs I've ever brought home," she said, softly scratching Gracie's head. "Right, Goo Goo Dog?"