Thursday, May 14, 2009

Judge Directs McKamey Center Not To Euthanize Animals Involved In Court Cases Without Her Approval

After 2 Pit Bulls Were Put Down That She Ordered Returned To Owner
posted May 14, 2009

City Judge Sherry Paty has put down an order directing the McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center not to euthanize animals without her approval.

The order comes after the city's new center in Hixson put down two pit bulls that Judge Paty had ordered returned to their owner.

The order says, "It appearing to the court that certain procedural modifications are necessary to provide clarification regarding cases that are pending in this court.

"Pursuant to this standing order, it is hereby ordered, adjudged and decreed that McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center is prohibited from euthanizing any animals in their care, custody or control that have cases pending or cases that have been adjudicated in Chattanooga City Court without prior written approval from this court."

Judge Paty said she heard a case on April 30 involving two dogs belonging to Raquelle Harrison of East Lake. She said the neighbor had complained about the dogs being chained to the fence, though she said the dogs had remained on Ms. Harrison's side of the fence and the neighbor did not come to court to testify.

She said the McKamey Center had gone out on April 17 and had taken the dogs, though they were still in Ms. Harrison's yard.

The judge said at the hearing she ordered the dogs returned to Ms. Harrison.

She said Ms. Harrison called a few days later and said when she went to the center she was told the dogs, Princess and Playboy, had been euthanized.

Judge Paty said she called McKamey officials to find out why that happened and was told the dogs had been aggressive at the facility.

In another dog case heard by Judge Paty on Thursday morning, it was testified that two pit bulls had gotten out and killed a neighbor's cat that she had for 15 years.

Another neighbor told of seeing the dogs attack the cat and drag it over into his yard.

The owner said the dogs apparently got through a hole in the fence. She said she keeps them inside now.

In another case, a McKamey officer testified about getting calls about two German Shepherds attacking children at a bus stop.

The officer said he and a city police officer located the dogs. He said the dogs charged them and the police officer shot and killed one of the dogs.

He said the other dog ran away and has not been seen since - except for two days later when it nipped a child at the bus stop.

The owner said she has not seen the dog any more.