Thursday, May 14, 2009

Owner Wants Answers To Pit Bulls Put Down

One Chattanooga woman wants to know why the McKamey Animal Center killed her two dogs after a judge released them to her. Racquel Harrison called NewsChannel 9 after she says she couldn't get any answers from McKamey.

McKamey says it had three prior complaints on these two pit bulldogs and they had been in the shelter for three weeks. The shelter says after not hearing from Harrison after the release order and deeming the dogs aggressive, they put them down.

But Harrison says the shelter was wrong to do that. Back on April 17th, McKamey came to Harrison's East Lake home to pick up the dogs.

Animal control officers say a next door neighbor complained about the dogs coming under the fence....while he was mowing his lawn next to the fence line.

You can see the chain runners "Princess" and "Playboy" were on.Almost two weeks later, the case ends up in court. The judge ordered the dogs released to Harrison and to come back in six months to check on good behavior.

Harrison says she went to pick up the dogs last Wednesday, but it was too late. "So two captains came out and told me , I'm sorry your dogs have been euthanized. And I'm like why, nobody knew why. I want to know when was they put to sleep, they couldn't answer that question," Harrison said.

Lieutenant Chris Clark says the decision to put the dogs down was intentional, not arbitrary. "After the judge's order, it is a 24 hour abandonment notice at that point. The animals were, had been kept here past the 24 hour point. The order comes from the judge, that's the highest order that we can receive," Clark said.

We contacted Judge Sherry Paty and she answered if she put a timeline down or not. Coming up on NewsChannel 9 at 6, you will hear her answer and more from McKamey and the dog owner.