Sunday, May 24, 2009

Protective Pit Bull Wins 'Dog of Valor' Award

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- D-boy, an Oklahoma City family's pit bull, received a special honor for bravely saving his family from an intruder.

D-boy suffered injuries in December after the intruder shot him three times. Oklahoma City residents came to the support of the heroic dog, helping the Shoemaker family with D-boy's medical expenses.

The Humane Society of United States held an online poll. After more than 6,000 people voted, the Dog of Valor, People's Hero Award was given to D-Boy.

It was just six months ago, D-boy was recovering after an intruder shot him three times. The dog scared the man out of his family's house and kept the Shoemakers safe.

"If he wouldn't have distracted the guy, the guy probably would've shot me," said Roberta Shoemaker. "I didn't know what to do he told me to get down on the ground, and I was so scared, I couldn't move."

D-boy saved the lives of everyone there on that fateful day. Read entire story here