Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Record fine for pit bull attack

If the dog had been wearing a proper collar that he wasn't able to slip out of, perhaps this would have never happened...

Record fine for pit bull attack
* Caroline Marcus and Marianna Papadakis
* May 10, 2009

DOG owners have been put on notice after a record fine was imposed on a Sydney man whose pit bull mauled and killed another dog.

Nick Raptis, 34, of Beverly Park, was fined $20, 223 and disqualified from owning a dog for three years after his American pit bull terrier Hannibal attacked a Maltese-silky cross terrier being walked by its owner at Carss Park, in Sydney's south, in April last year.

Jennifer Aldridge, 22, had been walking her dog Honey when the pit bull charged, dragging it out of its collar and onto a road, where the pit bull began eating Honey.

The woman's husband, Murray, tried to stop the attack by beating the dog with a shovel, but had to stop when it bared its teeth at him.

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