Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soddy Daisy Students in Hot Water Over Dead Dog "Prank"- TN

I don't even know where to start...

Soddy Daisy Students in Hot Water Over Dead Dog "Prank"

There are some strange twists to the dead dog story circulating around Soddy Daisy High School.

Investigators have found some answers, but other parts of the story are falling apart.

We have the latest and the possible charges...

Soddy Daisy Freshman Kellie McGraw says, "If it was a senior prank it's kinda messed up if you want my opinion."

McGraw and her girlfriends returned to Soddy Daisy High School from a lunch break Tuesday to find a gold and white retriever mix lying in the parking lot.

Animal Protection Officer David Hutton says, "Everybody seems to think it was the end of the year school prank. To me that was a sick, sick prank."

Hutton found the animal in a school dumpster.

He says school surveillance video shows a group of young men pulling up with the dead animal in a truck.

A dead fish was placed in the animal's mouth before the juveniles put the dog on another student's car.

Hutton says, "It was my understanding these two guys had been out drinking, fishing and stuff and it must have just popped in their heads 'Hey, lets to a prank on so and so.'"

That student pulled the animal off his car and left it on the ground where the girls found it and the school cleaned it up.

But that's not the story everyone told...

Hutton says, "We had one person that was a witness that she stated that she'd seen the dog run over repeatedly in the parking lot. But the video didn't show that."

McGraw's story was substantiated by that video, "Everybody was saying people was running over it and people was out there stomping on it, kicking it and stuff. No."

The school system has taken disciplinary action against the young men involved.

Hutton says now it depends on what he learns from those young men.

If the animal was dead when they found it they would face a misdemeanor misuse of a corpse charge, if not they could be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty, "To me it was just evilness. Either way it turned out."

The girls who reported the incident are also in trouble for skipping school.

There could be further disciplinary action regarding false statements given to the media.