Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dead Dog Found Hanging On Northaven Fence - TN

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Henry Deacon was with the woman and girl who made the discovery. “The girl that saw the dog first actually came back and said her 8 year-old was crying and we were wondering why she was crying and she said come with us and we’ll show you. She shined her high beams up and there was a dog strung up. It looked like it been shot in the back. It’s hard to explain to an 8 year-old why someone would do that when I don’t even know why someone would do that.”

Investigators say the dog was found around 11:00 at night. Blood was all over the fence. Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies tell, they are having a difficult time finding the person responsible. And that’s sending shockwaves throughout this Northaven community. “I’m very concerned about it because I have five dogs myself, so I’m concerned and then it’s right down the street from my home,” says Keith Siggers. Investigators have no motive, no leads, they don’t even know who the dog belonged to. Deacon just hopes the person responsible is brought to justice before things get worse. “If he could do that to a dog, he could do that to a kid, or another human being and that’s just not right, it ain’t humane.”