Sunday, June 21, 2009

Most Of Pit Bulls Seized From Dog Fighting Operation To Be Euthanized

By RomeNewswire • on June 17, 2009

Floyd County Animal Control officials say they will have to euthanize 16 out of 26 pit bulls that were seized from an alleged fighting operation last week at 209 Eden Circle.

Seven of the dogs taken into custody last week — an adult and six of her puppies — were adopted. A county ordinance that defines pit bull terriers as vicious animals prevents the dogs from being adopted in Floyd County.

Three people have been arrested on various charges related to the operation raided last Thursday: Kenyatta Kenyon Towers, 34, of a Hardy Avenue address was charged with felony dog fighting and 26 counts of cruelty to animals; Marcus Beasley of a Pennington Avenue address and Dominique Porter of a Harper Avenue address were charged with animal cruelty.

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