Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pit bull survives dragging behind truck

Pit Bull survives dragging behind truck

New Jersey police are searching for a driver seen dragging a pit bull behind his pickup truck.

Residents witnessed the female chocolate-colored Pit Bull Terrier being helplessly pulled by a children's jump rope behind a dark green pickup truck in the town of Vineland Saturday night.

They immediately called police.

In 911 tapes released Monday, you can hear the distress in the caller's voice as she described the horrifying situation to the operator.

Officers searched for the pup, but were not able to locate the truck or dog, according to the Cumberland County SPCA.

Eric Spinnato and his son found the severely wounded dog on the porch of their home Sunday morning.

SPCA officers believe the pup crawled from the street to the porch for protection.

"I just can't fathom why anybody would have even done something like that to a dog," Spinnato said.

The dog was rushed to a veterinarian for treatment and was expected to survive.